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Q :What is a Qlip?
A :Qlip is a one-of-a-kind product that holds your spectacles or sunglasses to prevent you from ever losing or dropping them. Qlip simply attaches to your button and gives you a "Qlip" to slide your glasses in so they are always secure. No bulky magnets that can break, no thick necklaces that are flying all over the place, just a small sleek "Qlip" that is guaranteed to prevent your glasses from falling out of your shirt.

Q :Do I need to have glasses to use Qlip?
A :No. Not only is Qlip the most effective way to hold your glasses, its also an eye catching accessory for your shirts. Qlip is also worn casually as subtle fashion statement that will have people asking "What is that? Where can I get one?". You can either hide your Qlip in your shirt or have it exposed to give your outfit that extra spark!

Q :What is the best way to wear my Qlip?
A :Qlip can be worn in different ways based on preference. In order to get guaranteed protection for your glasses, it is recommended that you put your Qlip on your button, then close your shirt so it is in securely. Your Qlip can also simply be slid over your closed button so you can show it off to the world! While this way will still hold your glasses, if your button is not snug enough, your Qlip may fall out. We recommend closing your button with Qlip to get the guaranteed Qlip effectiveness.

Q :Are there different types of Qlips I can get?
A :Qlip is currently available in both "Matte" and "Metallic" materials. This gives you the option to choose whether you want your Qlip to be subtle and sleek or give your outfit that extra shine! You can get both so you have options for different occasions. For those who want to make their own personal Qlip, check out "Qlip Lux" to see our customizable Qlips in either Yellow, Silver or Rose Gold!
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